Speaking and Training

If you want someone to deliver a keynote address for your executives, or run a workshop on the best ways to grow a business, reduce costs, build profits and drive positive cash flow…

And to do so in about as entertaining a way as you might hope for, given the subject matter…

Then we should talk.

As a former regular guest for live segments on business and economic topics on BBC TV News and BBC Radio, as well as appearances on other outlets like ITV News and Sky News, I know how to get complex topics across in a clear, simple, direct way that informs and inspires.

On live primetime TV or drivetime radio it’s a real challenge to get across the impact of a change in economic policy or tax regulations to a non-specialist audience, in two minutes or less.

So I bring clarity, understanding, and insight to topics that, if I’m honest, are probably not most people’s first choice for the way they’d like to spend their day. But when they understand and, possibly for the first time, really “get it”, that’s often when previously untapped potential is unlocked.

I love the challenge of breaking through the jargon, helping people understand there are opportunities they’d never considered before, and showing them how to turn what might seem like an impossible challenge at first into a wonderful opportunity.

Keynote and workshop themes

While all my talks and workshops are tailored for the audience and the industry I’m presenting to, the broad themes I cover are:

  • Business Planning for Rapid Growth
  • Delivering Performance That Gets Results
  • Finding the Secret Profits Hiding Inside Your Business

By the end of the presentation, your team will be energised and enthusiastic about a topic they may not have expected to be energised and enthusiastic about, as well as having a range of tools to use inside your business to uncover opportunities for growing sales, cutting costs, and building profits and cash flow they might not have considered before.

Talks and workshops are available both virtually or in-person, but availability is very limited. So get in touch today to arrange a keynote presentation or workshop built around growing sales revenues, reducing costs and improving profits and cash flow fast.