Costs too high? Profits too low? Cash flow under pressure?

It’s a familiar tale in business today, but what if I told you there was free money hiding inside your business right now, just waiting to be discovered?

I’m Alastair Thomson, a business cost reduction and profit improvement specialist, and I can show you exactly where to find it, with the benefits flowing in as little as a few weeks from now.

In 25+ years as a CFO, CEO and Chairman in a range of different sectors I’ve developed the skill of spotting how a business can – without having to make risky investments or take on additional debt – transform its profits and cash flow for the better. And then deliver that potential. Fast.

I call this approach “finding free money hiding inside your business” because our focus initially is on identifying low-risk, high-return, fast-payback strategies that don’t require a lot of upfront investment to boost your bottom line profits and cash flow.

Once we’ve got a head of steam going, there’s a case for a longer-term strategic investment programme, but that should be funded out of the extra profit and cash flow that comes from the low-risk, fast-return strategies rather than by you taking no more risk or more debt.

I’ve used this approach to achieve results like:

  • growing revenues by up to 3x in three years in three different sectors
  • improving staff productivity by 2.58x, meaning we got two-and-a-half times more revenue out of the same people, on the same salaries, by managing the operations and work flow more effectively
  • reducing unit manufacturing cost by 56%

Imagine your business with 3x the revenues, a workforce 2.58x more productive, and a 56% reduction in unit costs.

How much of a difference would that make to your bottom line?

Of course, these results might not be the same as yours. They could be higher or lower. The key point is that in highly-competitive, cash-strapped markets, there are still ways to boost profits and cash flow hiding inside most businesses.

Curious about how you could do that in your own business?

You can make a start right here with my free course, 10 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Profits and Cash Flow. This is designed to show you where extra profit and cash flow might be hiding inside your business right now.

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